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60C Side Hung Window

60C Side Hung Window
60C Side Hung Window
Product Code : 05
Product Description

60C Side Hung Window Series

Ivory white, rubber-plastic co-extruded and colored co-extruded profiles can be produced.

  •  The main profile adopts five chambers, two seals structure with independent drain cavity.
  •  Multi-chamber structure can be more able to reflect heat preservation and energy saving effects, which is suitable for cold areas.
  •  Wall thickness of main profiles is 2.5 mm.
  •  Design of the maximum glass interval is 30 mm. There are multiple kinds of beads for customers to choose, such as 36 mm, 18 mm and 16 mm glazing beads.
  •  The maximum size of installed double-layer hollow glass can be 25 mm.
  •  There are many combinations of a variety of connection materials, including those with 90┬░intersection angle, 135┬░ intersection angle, 60-88 intersection angle, 60-88 jointed board, 60-92 intersection angle, 60-92 jointed board, 60-80 intersection angle, 60-80 jointed board and intersection angles, jointed boards, jointed pipes and large square tubes at any angle.